For the second year in a row, the Annual Grand Ball has proven to be a hit in the AAU Community. Last year after the Grand ball was re-introduced onto the yearly events inventory, hard work from the staff and student council at Anglo-American University paid off in such an elegant way.

From left to right one could see students, faculty members and guests clad in tuxedos, white-tie tailcoats, high-end business suits and extravagant dresses. The National House of Vinohrady proved to be an incredible venue for the second time around.

It was a night filled with champagne, laughter and cheer. The ball program kicked off with the usual formalities and speeches by the high ranks of the university before the Hot Wings band took over and soothed the crowd with jazz, classical music and contemporary mixes. Bottles of Bohemia Sekt decorated the tables of guests and stocks of the bubbly drink were well past finished long before the night concluded.

This year the schedule was pushed to start from 8pm as it had done last year, and a bus escorted those who wanted to continue the night’s formalities to KU Bar and Lounge for the after-party just a little past midnight. For many attendees, the Grand Ball event finished in the early hours of Friday morning, a sign that the ball’s success had been achieved.  



Publication date: March 10, 2017