After much preparation by AAU staff and Student Council, the 4th annual AAU Ball sparkled with class at the Lobkowicz Palace on March 1st, 2019.

obrázek The 16th-century palace nestled within the Prague Castle Complex boasts a panoramic view that guests of the ball had the pleasure to enjoy all night long. The night was filled with music, laughter, art and of course champagne and wine etc. Members of the AAU community shared the evening together among a grand staircase, sweeping banquet hall and the coveted Lobkowicz Collections. The event was attended by guests in tuxedos, suits, gowns and cocktail dresses all looking their sharpest for the most elegant event of the year. 

The night kicked off with Student Council greeting guests at the door and directing them upstairs for horderves and drinks available by the terrace as well as live music from Veronika Moudrá and The Band in the Main Ballroom. There was also an exclusive opportunity for AAU guests to visit the Lobkowicz Collections Museum from 19:30–21:00 where they could view world-famous paintings by Brueghel, Canaletto, Cranach, Rubens, Veronese and many other. As guests trickled in the band's repertoire of classic and contemporary music got people moving while the photo booth in the balcony room filled up with party goers posing for pictures with props and their friends.

At 20:30 the dance floor cleared in the main ballroom to allow for a few opening remarks from AAU's finest including Lubomír Lízal, President of AAU, Nadia Kotaisova, Alumni Councillor and Michael-Said Kacarevic, Student Council President. Soon thereafter Miroslav Svoboda (Vice President for Faculty & Study Affairs) and his wife, Blanka Svobodová gave a much appreciated ballroom dancing lesson to willing party goers. It was truly a highlight to watch our students grab their dates and friends to try their hand at a more traditional and formal style of dance. obrázek

The Band continued to play on throughout the evening only to be interrupted by two student performances. First was a stunning professional dance routine performed buy AAU student Anastasia Petrikeeva and her partner Ilyas Mashanlo and later an impressive vocal performance by AAU student, Irina Nikolaeva who brought the house down with her singing and energy.

As the evening played out dancing was eventually moved from the Main Banquet Hall to the Balcony Room where the mood shifted from live music and ballroom dancing to a student DJ and a more relaxed atmosphere, not to mention the breathtaking view of the city below from the palace windows. 

The evening continued at the palace until about 1 AM when students took the dancing to an after party at Ace Club in the center of Prague until the wee hours of the morning. We hope the AAU Annual Ball was enjoyed by all, and a special thanks to all who worked to create such a memorable event!

To view photos from the Foto Fox photo booth click HERE and enter the password Ball2019_AAU


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Publication date: March 02, 2019