After hard organizational work from AAU staff and our very own Student Council, the champagne flowed at the third annual AAU Ball, and the event glittered with class.

As has become traditional, The National House of Vinohrady’s (Národní Dům na Vinohradech) grand staircases, colonnaded walkways, and sweeping banquet hall hosted one of AAU’s most elegant events of the year. In a range of formal dress, from tuxedos and coattails to military uniforms, cocktail dresses, and sweeping gowns, students, staff, faculty, and alumni turned up to dance, network, and celebrate with the university.

A night full of bubbly and merriment, the AAU Ball kicked off with champagne as people arrived, dancing, and music from the Hot Wings band, with their repertoire of jazz, funk, rock, and swing music to warm the crowd up. At 9:00 pm, the dancefloor reluctantly cleared to make space for formalities. This year, speeches came from AAU President Petr Jan Pajas, Alumni Councillor Nadia Kotaishova, and AAU Student Council President Christopher Downs. The party wasn’t held back for long however, and soon thereafter the crowd was treated to a dance performance including displays of the Waltz, Tango, Viennese Waltz, Slowfox, and Quickstep by Jan Karafiát and Veronika Rusová. Hot Wings would return throughout the night, but the evening’s highlight for many would be the exquisitely choreographed Quadrille dance at 11:30 pm performed by AAU’s very own students: Lucia Zlamalova, Adi J. Muhovic, Yarra A. Worang, Andreas J. Bucek, Lindsay Salvati, Christopher J. Downs, Nina Fuchsová, and Andre Hansen.

A DJ took over thereafter, and Ball guests took to the dancefloor until 1:00 am when the party moved on to KU Music Bar for more dancing until the wee hours.



Publication date: February 23, 2018