Take to the streets of Prague and you will find that it provides an ideal stomping ground to extend your educational experience beyond the classroom. The city is a cosmopolitan hub that teaches art, business, and diplomacy, making it the perfect complement to the areas of study AAU has to offer.

Annual business, design, civil society, and other conferences, fairs, festivals, and further events give students the opportunity to explore their fields of study first-hand and thus gain valuable practical experience towards their future careers.

Give yourself a step up upon graduation by utilizing Prague in your learning journey. Be it finding subjects for a photography class, discovering a local topic to write a killer report on, working on a company’s new marketing plan, starting your own business, being a panelist in a conference, networking with state representatives, or curating an art exposition, AAU’s Prague Presence has got you covered. Not to mention, living in Prague alone leads to the ultimate cultural learning experience. It’s up to you to seize the opportunity.