AAU’s policy on tuition has always been to enhance our institution by providing our students with the highest possible education in modern and comfortable surroundings.

Western Union

Anglo-American University has partnered with Western Union Business Solutions, the global payments specialist to provide you a secure, cost effective and simple way of paying your tuition fees. Therefore, you may be interested in using our GlobalPay Online Platform for Students which is Anglo-American University preferred method of fee payment from international students. Indeed, you will be able to pay in your own currency and in your own language*, guarantying you that your payment will arrive quickly and in full to us.

Applicants paying the application fee using the Western Union GlobalPay Online Platform should fill out the student ID section with ‚XXXXX‘ as no student ID is yet provided at the time of payment.

You can find more information about this method of payment in Western Union Business Solutions GlobalPay for Students User Guide.

French, Mandarin, Cantonese, English, Indonesian, Korean, Spanish and Hindi. 

Paying Fees with Paypal

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Admissions Fee

Application Fee Payment

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Financial Policy for AY 2017/2018

Bank Details
Name of bank Raiffeisen Bank
Address Vodičkova 38
Prague 1
Czech Republic
Post code 111 21
Name of Account Anglo-americká vysoká škola
Variable symbol Student's ID
Swift code RZBCCZPP
CZK Account
Account number 1031009862/5500
IBAN CZ7355000000001031009862
USD Account
Account number 1021015222/5500
IBAN CZ9255000000001021015222
EUR Account
Account number 1031012308/5500
IBAN CZ8855000000001031012308


Bachelor’s Level
Tuition per US credit CZK 5.000
Tuition per Bachelor’s Program Total (90 US credits) CZK 450.000
Certificate of Higher Education in Common Law
Local tuition per core course CZK 30.000
Local tuition per AAU support course CZK 20.000
Tuition per Local Certificate of Higher Education Total (4 core courses / 6 support courses) CZK 240.000
Local tuition per core LL.B. course in the 1st year CZK 30.000
Local tuition per core LL.B. course in the 2nd and 3rd year CZK 33.000
Local tuition per AAU support course CZK 20.000
Local tuition per LL.B. Total (4 core courses in the 1st year / 8 core courses in the 2nd and 3rd year / 3 support courses) CZK 444.000
Master’s Level
Tuition per US credit CZK 5.500
Tuition per Master’s Program Total (60 US credits) CZK 330.000
LLM – Study Support Package
LLM – Study Support Package (per semester) CZK 10.000
MBA program with Chapman University
Tuition per US credit CZK 9.783
Program Total including textbooks and instructional material fees (46 US credits) CZK 450.000
Intensive Academic English Program
Tuition per semester CZK 45.000
Auditing students
Tuition 50 % of the base tuition

Total tuition does not include the applicable fees.


AAU and LL.B. Degrees
Admissions Fee (Total CZK 2.000) CZK 500 First part CZK 500 An admissions fee is required in order to process an application.
CZK 1.500 Additional payment CZK 1.500 Admissions processing fee, payable upon acceptance.
Administrative Fee CZK 4.500 (per obligatory semester) The fee is charged for academic advising and administration of registration.
2.500 (per voluntary semester)
Art Fee CZK 800 / 1.000 / 2.000 per course The fee is charged for Art courses. It covers tickets to performances, exhibitions, etc. Payable at registration.
Study Extension Fee CZK 4.000 The fee is paid by students who have fulfilled all academic requirements except for submission of the thesis and graduation examination and remain students of AAU.
Credit Transfer Fee CZK 100 per 1 UK credit The fee is paid by students who are transferring classes to AAU from other universities. Payable no later than 2 weeks after notification from the Student Services Center about successful transfer.
CZK 200 per 1 ECTS credit
CZK 400 per 1 US credit
Alumni Transcript Fee CZK 250 / EUR 10 / USD 15 The fee is paid by alumni for each additional transcript (apart from two originals that are issued together with diploma).
Drop Fee 10% of the tuition of the courses dropped The fee is paid for dropping courses during the add/drop period without replacing them with other courses. For more information on add/drop policy see the section ‘Add/Drop policy’.
20% of the tuition if all courses dropped
Graduation Fee CZK 2.500 The fee is related to the completion of studies. (Graduation examination, Graduation Ceremony, Alumni club and other)
Installment Fee 2.5 % from the amount due For more information on paying in installments see the section ‘Installment Payment Plan’.
Internal TOEFL Test Fee CZK 2.000 English language test.
ISIC Fee CZK 100 / issuance The fee is paid in order to cover the cost of issuance of an ISIC card. In case it is misplaced, the reissuance fee is 290 CZK.
CZK 290 / reissuance
Late Registration Fee CZK 300 / course The fee is charged for registration after the Advising / Registration Period as specified in the Academic Calendar.
Library Late Fee CZK 10 / item / day The fee is in the amount of CZK 10 is paid for each library item for each day it is overdue. The Late Fee is payable at the Library.
Library Replacement Fees book buying costs plus the processing fee Library fee. For more information on Replacement fee see the section ‘Library Policy’.
Waiver Exam Fee CZK 1.000 The fee is required to cover the cost of exam preparation and supervision, and evaluation of the test. The fee is not refundable, regardless of exam attendance or result. Payable no later than 1 day before the exam.
Chapman University (MBA) Degree
Admissions Fee CZK 4.500. Payable at the time of registration.
Degree conferral fee CZK 800. Payable no later than 1 month prior to graduation.