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Anglo-American University has a long-standing tradition of welcoming study abroad students. For two decades, AAU has accepted students from all over the world to experience a semester at our campuses, surrounded by Baroque architecture and at walking distance from Charles Bridge and Prague Castle. Anglo-American University has become one of the top European destinations for study abroad students from over two-hundred universities in the United States, western and eastern Europe, Latin America, and Asia.

Top 5 Reasons to Study Abroad at AAU

Distinct from the majority of European universities, Anglo-American University, using English as its official language, fully integrates its study abroad programs with its full time, degree granting programs, both in the classroom and student activities. Study abroad students thus enjoy the unique experience of interacting with classmates from over 60 countries in the illustrious Czech capital of Prague.

Anglo-American University’s internationally renowned faculty are among the best with previous experience and qualifications from the finest public and private institutions. Additionally, AAU's beautiful Baroque campuses in the Bohemian heart of Europe, with easy transit to parks, shopping, restaurants, and even affordable access to other European hotspots, makes a study abroad semester with us an experience of a lifetime.

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Students take classes in Prague Art and Architecture, European History, Jewish Studies, Czech Language together with a variety of courses in humanities and social sciences, journalism and communications, international relations, diplomacy and business.

Join hundreds of other students and experience a learning environment that encourages intellectual curiosity, leadership, cooperation, and respect for cultural and national diversity in one of the top European destinations. Study abroad students will broaden their horizons and engage with European history and culture all while earning credits toward a degree at their home university!


For more all admissions related information, feel free to contact the Student Services Center, or our Admissions Specialists.

If you would like to use the services of an education abroad agency, we recommend CEA Global Education.

If you prefer to study abroad at AAU independently, you can apply directly to our university. Click here for undergraduate application requirements, and here for graduate.